HEy! I'M Gabi

Wife, Mother & woman behind the lens.
I've been taking photos for as long as I can remember.
In March 2020, I made the the big leap into photographing for others outside of my family. And so Gathered Wildlings was born. It has honestly been the most rewarding and best thing I have done for myself.

Honoring my creative nature and following my intuition, means that my sessions are authentic and natural. A session with me is about some quality down time with your loved ones. Exploring our location, talking and hopefully a whole lot of laughing and minimal posing. And most of all no 'cheese' moments!

My sessions are all about you just being you, away from awkward or unnatural feeling poses. Without a doubt it's the photos that are of you relaxed and just being yourself that are always the winning shots. I'm here to support you and help you create something special. I wont make you do anything you don't want to.






Be wild, be free, be you.

My sessions are all about you just being you, away from awkward or unnatural feeling poses. Those raw and everyday moments of connection and simple joy are the shots that will make you feel time and time again.

“When you look at your images, I want you to feel connected - that it's a genuine reflection of you.”

What inspires me


Those moments sitting around with family looking through photographs from years gone by. Seeing young love between mum and dad and reigniting old stories of adventure, moments of pure love..
To be the one to capture those photographs for you, and help create memories for future generations to look back on, WOW. That lights a fire in me like nothing else.

It's about that genuine connection. That free flowing love and affection. Every session is unique, the connection we make. The stories you share.

“When I became a mother I gained a whole new understanding of time. How fast the days roll by. How quickly things change and just how much joy I get from reliving the memory.”



No matter the session, I am all in. I want to learn all about you. Where'd you come from, how you got to this chapter? The high and the lows. 
You aren't just a subject in front of my camera. You're person that deserves to be seen and heard. 

Before our session I will send you a questionnaire so I can learn more about you and your loved ones. We'll have a chat before your session, a check in so I can make sure you feel calm and comfortable. And know that I've got you. 

As an introvert I will always come across with softness. Each and every relationship I create has a piece of me, so the way you feel from start to finish is so incredibly important to me. 

Rain, hail or shine - I won’t miss a beat.



Okay other than my camera, my absolute favorite thing is this world is being a mum. I know, I know so cheesy!

But it is, my whole body ached to be a mother and the babe I birthed and have been raising is pretty rad, I love watching her change day to day and learning together as we go. Since the day she was born I have said that, that was the day I was born too. A women in her element & comfortable in her skin.
A close second would be my husband Cam (sorry babe!) in all seriousness though he's my best friend and complete opposite. I love his loyalty and determination to get me to watch football with him even though he knows it will never happen - 'I'd rather watch the grass grow!' 

And when I'm not swept up in photography and dreaming up my next project, or hanging out with my little family, I'm studying to become a birth & postpartum doula.
Supporting women to find and harness their inner strength and instincts is really important to me. I'm in no rush to become a doula, I believe that time is a teacher and the longer I take to learn myself, about birth and peoples stories the better I will be able to support.

Three dogs, five chooks, two parrots, a toddler & a man child..


In actual tears. I'm seriously lost for words.
As someone who has struggled with my body image and even more so this pregnancy, I was so unsure of how I would look in these photos or if I'd even like myself in them. But I'm here crying at how beautiful they are and how you've captured these moments in a way that makes me love my body more than I ever have. I love them. Thank you x


Thank you so much Gabi! I love our newborn photos!! They are beautiful, I think you captured little Sophie perfectly.

Over the past 2 years Gabi has captured some of the most beautiful moments in our families lives. We absolutely love the maternity photos she took of our family with our babies, they are so beautiful. 
You have done a spectacular job Gabi! Thank you for creating such special memories for us and making the lead up to the day so easy.


Annelise & Shaun

I happened to stumble across Gabi's work and I am so so happy that I did! We did our maternity session and the whole time it was beautiful, Gabi is so easy to talk to and has a very spirited personality that made the process comfortable & fun. I cannot wait for her to come back and meet our little man for his newborn shoot!


Gabi was honestly amazing. I was so nervous for my maternity shoot but she made me feel at ease. I received my photos back and I absolutely adore them.



I'm here for the wild ones, the ones who embrace adventure. For the ones who are keen to roam free, be real and raw.

It's your story, i'll help tell it.

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.